From ChatGPT to Google’s newest experiment Bard, generative AI is a hot topic nowadays. We see more and more tools trying to keep up with this trend by incorporating their own version of AI, but how can the marketing and comms sphere benefit from these changes? 

Let’s take a dive into some of the benefits of using AI in marcomms.

  1. Data analysis & insights in a snapshot

AI can process and analyse vast amounts of data much faster than humans, enabling PR and marketing professionals to make more data-driven decisions to inform campaign design and development. AI tools can be used to monitor brand mentions, track sentiment and analyse conversations in real-time to help teams stay on top of negative feedback, crises, or customer sentiment. If you’re curious, why not try out ChatGPT, Dall-E or event Hootsuite’s newest AI content creation feature?

  1. Enhanced content strategy

AI tools can also assist marcomms teams with content creation, curation, and optimisation.         Due to its access to vast amounts of data, AI tools can analyse content performance, suggest improvements, or predict which type of content will resonate most effectively with a target audience, leading to more effective storytelling.        

  1. Improve efficiency

AI tools can also automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Email campaigns, social media scheduling, content creation, media monitoring, and reporting can all be automated with AI, allowing teams the time and space to focus on higher-value tasks and increase creativity.   

These are just three examples but there are literally hundreds more ways that AI can make  a difference. 

Is that a good thing? Like any potentially seismic change, it’s a mixed bag.

There are clear benefits to using AI in marcomms but it is the human touch that makes all the difference between communications success and failure. The quality of AI-generated outputs is only ever as good as the quality of data that is fed into it in the first place. Freeing professionals to focus on the elements of their role that add real value to clients is a positive development but there are practical, commercial and ethical obstacles to overcome before AI becomes dominant in this sphere.